5 Songs to Cure the Monday Blues

Now that I’ve entered the working world, the Monday blues hit even harder with my 7:30 am wake up call. It’s about time I go back to posting the 5 Songs to Cure the Monday Blues. If only there were a beer called “The Mondays”, a case of the Mondays wouldn’t be so bad.

1) “Workin’ Woman Blues” – Valerie June

Pushin' Against A Stone

A fresh voice to the music scene after releasing her first album, “Pushin’ Against A Stone”, this past August. A little raspier than Erykah Badu but with just as much soul.


2) “Long Way Down” – Dr. Dog


These lyrical lords are back with their release of “B-Room”. It’s a little slower than their last album allowing Dr. Dog to expand their sound to uncharted waters.


3) “Hip Hop Kids” – Portugal. The Man

Evil Friends

An old favorite band of mine early college days, Portugal. The Man stepped up their game with the release of “Evil Friends”. Nice work boys, you did me proud.


4) “Lightning Bolt” – Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg

For looking a bit like a teenage Paul McCartney, Jake Bugg certainly has a different sound. Lightning Bolt has an upbeat twangy feel with and a vague resemblance to The Strokes.


5) “Country Moon Pt. 1” – New Madrid 


New Madrid is a local Athens band that was really coming to their own my senior year. Since then, I’ve been advocating for their success 2,000 miles away. But they don’t need me, take a listen.


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