Summer Tunes


Once there was method to my playlist madness. But when I devised my playlist for the summer, I threw out the old playbook. No longer do the songs need be released in the last three months. No longer is there a 20 song limit. If I’m feeling a song, drag and drop, enough said. You might could blame it on my post-grad mentality, but hey it’s a damn good playlist if I don’t say so myself.

It goes from light and fluffy with The Fruit Bats, Givers, and Kishi Bashi. Summer XIII dips into a more bluegrass sound with tracks from The Infamous String Dusters, and Athens’s own, The Futurebirds. There are a few jammy tunes from Widespread Panic, The Sheepdogs and My Morning Jacket, and I even experiment with more hip-hop sounds with tracks from Jurassic 5 and A$AP ROCKY. And of course it has a good number of indie tunes filled in there. No matter what kind of summer you’re having, Summer XIII should set the mood just right


You can also see this playlist on my friends Lindsay & Corrine’s blog IDIGTHISTRACK. Check it out!


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