The Top 10 Moments of My First Month in Jackson

Being a new resident to Jackson Hole, I thought it most fitting to write a blog  post about my first month out West. Though my new job at Gliffen Designs is easily at the top of the list, I decided to keep the list strictly Jackson.


10) The People’s Market

Though ‘The People’s Market’ is really the same thing as your average Farmers Market, I’m partial to Jackson’s rebranding of the name. I suppose it’s their way of stating, “Hey, farmers are people too.” Strolling around the strip at Snow King you can visit stands selling fresh produce, gourmet cheeses, fresh baked bread, handmade items, and even pours from a local brewery all while local musicians serenades the market.

Mustard Greens at the People Market

9) Pearls Street Bagels

Kudos to Pearl Street Bagels for uniting two of my favorite things; bagels and dinosaurs. The dinosaur in the logo is not actually a Pterodactyl like I assumed, it’s actually a Pteranodon, a kind of flying dinosaur that populated the Teton area back in the day. As for the bagels, I haven’t had a combination that’s let me down yet, though I’m partial to the spinach feta with Mexican cream cheese. Better yet go around 5 o’clock and you might walk away with a free bag of bagels. Though the main store is a short walk from my house, the money spot is actually the Wilson location set on Flat Creek. Eating bagels creek side in the sunshine is my newfound formula to happiness

Pearl's Bagels


8)  Bonfire on Philips Ridge

My most memorable sunset to date was a Wednesday evening sitting on the top of Philips Ridge. An evening filled with drinking wine, eating fancy cheeses, hitting golf balls (at least attempting to) and crowding around a bonfire.


7) Browse ‘n Buy

I have a weakness for a good thrift store. And not the kind of thrift store that is full pre-selected finds yet steep prices, but the kind of thrift store with low prices where you have to dig and dig to find your new treasure; and Browse ‘n Buy is that place. Thus far I’ve snagged a unique Native American necklace, vintage Columbia fleece in a neon colors, and pictured here a mug to ad to my mug collection. Many more visits to the Browse ‘n Buy to come.



6) Kim’s Corner

My co-worker Heather has become my guide to all Jackson restaurants, and my favorite one she has shared with me has been Kim’s Corner. It’s just a small window service restaurant but aren’t all the best restaurants? Kim’s is a Korean style restaurant and my favorite menu item to date is the Spicy Tuna Salad. Not just your average boring salad, but a salad where most of it consists of purple rice and spicy sauce. She also serves “triangles” that look like a sushi burrito that are certainly a site.  Add a honey citrus tea to my order please!

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.03.08 PM

5) Hiking Snow King

I still can’t get over that there is a mountain a quarter of a mile from my house. Though there are certainly many places that I have left to explore, but you can’t beat the proximity of Snow King. A quick, yet slightly difficult hike that’ll leave you breathless not just because of the uphill crawl, but because of the gorgeous view of the town.



4) Snake River Brewery

Not quite like Terrapin, a brewery in my college town of Athens, GA but Snake river Brewery is certainly warming up to me. The food is good, the restaurant itself is just funky enough, and the beer is up to par. They have a good Rye beer so I’m all set. Did I mention I can see it from my front porch. Danger Will Robinson.



3) Rafting the Snake River

Lucky for me my roommate works at a rafting company so we were able to go white water rafting on the Snake River for free. It was such a beautiful summer day, yet this water was still ICE cold.  Definitely not on the Southern Coast anymore.

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 11.54.17 AM


2) Jackson Hole Live

I’m a sucker for any kind of live music and once again Snow King Park is three blocks away from my house so I have it made. I loved hearing Jackson’s own bluegrass band, The Flannel Attractions, last weekend. I’m really looking forward to seeing Jeff Austin of Yonder mountain String Band at the end of the summer.


1) The Tetons

No words are needed. Only pictures.





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