Top Three Music Finds of 2012

1. Dawes


It kills me that I passed up not only one, but two chances to see these guys. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but better late than never. A new light bluegrass band with some heavy lyrics, but easy on the ears.

For fans of: Blitzen Trapper, Deer Tick, The Avett Brothers

2. Father John Misty


Father John Misty made quite the splash in the folk scene this year. Prior to releasing Fear Fun, J Tillman (FJM) had an impressive resume including drumming for the Fleet Foxes from 2008-2012. The influence is apparent in his music, but doesn’t overtake his own style. My most played album of the year.

For fans of: The Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Spoon

3. Alabama Shakes


Not to be repetitive or anything, but to leave them out would de-value my selection system. Thank you Alabama Shakes for reminding us what soulful music is like. Seeing them live is a different story. Lead singer Brittany Howard commands the crowd with her booming voice and powerful stage presence  Sometimes I catch myself wishing I had lived in the golden age of music, but with bands like the Alabama Shakes, the 2000s are not so bad.

For fans of: B.B King, Sly & The Family Stone, Aretha Franklin


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