5 Songs to get you through the Monday Blues

A second edition of “5 Songs to Get You Through The Monday Blues”. I hope it helps because I’m already counting down the days to Friday (and summer I might add).

1. “Talking Empty Bed Blues”, Will Johnson, Yim Yames, Andres Parker and Jay Farrar- New Multitudes

If your looking for a song to ease yourself out of early morning zombie state, this one should be your next play. Yim Yames (lead singer of My Morning Jacket) worked on this side project with Will Johnson, Anders Parker, and Jay Farrar. This 2 Disc Album is packed with talent as a tribute to Woody Guthrie.

2. “My Home”, Nneka

Reggae and R&B fans alike will love this track. Nneka was Nigerian born, but later immigrated to Germany to work on her career as a musician.  The next Erykah Badu, if that’s not too bold of a statement.

3. “Back of Your Neck”, Howler

Speeding things up a bit and veering to the pop/folk realm, Howler brings something new to the table in their genre. I can quite peg it but there is something memorable about this group. Their sound is a mix of The Strokes and The Ramones, with a hint of The Beach Boys. “Back of Your Neck” is definitely summer playlist worthy.

4. “Myth”, Beach House

My computer is relatively new I mind you, but Myth is quickly climbing up my ‘Top 25 Most Played List”. There is something perfectly magical and addictive about this tune. In the past couple of years there hasn’t been much from Philadelphia natives, Beach House. Myth was long awaited by this indie groups loyal fan set. They’re coming to Athens on May 12th, and thankfully I’m taking a Maymester.

5. “Orifice Origami”, Reptar

Reptar is certainly accounting for most of the local music buzz here in Athens. In the past year, they have really taken a “Blastoff”, opening for Foster The People last fall and preparing to tour with Grouplove this summer. Topping it all off, they are also performing at the infamous Sasquatch Music Festival. Their first complete album “Body Faucet” comes out May 1st. This single won’t let down their loyal fans, I hope the same goes to show for the entire album.


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