Mason Jar Cocktails

I’ve been getting a little tired of the expense of micro brews and the redundancy of the red solo cup, so I created a little cocktail creation of my own. I’m usually not one for liquor. I stick to wine and beer for the most part. However I am partial to gin. I premade these cocktail for a day party. Not only were the Mason jars a charming touch, but also they kept the drink perfectly rationed and ice cold (when in a cooler).


Ingredients (per cocktail)

–       8 oz lemonade (I used crystal light)

–       4 oz of gin (use vodka if you’re a gin hater. It taste good too)

–       2 orange slices

–       4 lime slices

–       Handful of chopped strawberries

–       5 mint leaves

Add the gin and lemonade and give it a little swirl. Then squeeze the lime and oranges into the cocktail. Drop the fruit in after giving it a little squeeze. Add the strawberries and mint leaves. Seal the lid tightly and give your drink a little shake. Keep it refrigerated or throw the drinks in a cooler. Enjoy, but not too much.

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