5 Things I Love About My Least Favorite Season

It was about midway through March and just after my 1,567th sneeze that I caught myself saying yet again, “I HATE spring” yet again. Then I thought, “Hey I’m an optimist, there is a way to turn my attitude for spring around”.  So, I doubled up my dosage of Allegra and picked out five things that I truly LOVE about the budding season of spring.

1) The Masters


This year I was lucky enough to get my first invite to the masters. My good friend since the beginning of college is from Augusta and I went up for a day and night and stayed with his lovely family. The next morning we headed out to The Augusta National. We left our cellphones and cameras behind because neither is permitted at the course. We headed over to Hole 1 and then made a trek to Hole 16. There we sat for an hour in perfect site of the Hole 16 tee and Hole 15 green. At Hole 16, Conrad, a security guard with 11 years experience under his belt gave a passionate speech on the curtsy of the game. Then we headed to Amen’s Corner. Amen’s Corner is made up of Holes 11, 12, and 13. It is named Amen’s Corner because it is debatably the hardest part of the course. We helped ourselves to a nice lunch, quite possibly my favorite part of the experience. Not just because the egg salad, and pimento cheese sandwiches were delicious, but also because they were only $1.50. They have kept the same prices for the food since The Masters first started. The beer was also surprisingly inexpensive for a sporting event at $3 a pop.

As we ate our lunch at Hole 11, I noticed the crowd around me drastically change and more people filed by. I jumped up from my pimento cheese sandwich. “Tiger is here”! Then I saw him in the fairway. It was far off, but I saw Tiger in public. He moved down the fairway and so did his mob of followers. After lunch, we moved on to Hole 6, where I got to see Bubba Watson, Rory McIlroy, and Phil Mickelson tee off.

We headed to the pro shop before leaving to course sunburnt and satisfied. Even coming from an avid put-putter, The Masters more than exceeded my expectation. There will certainly be a next time.

2) Grilling Out


Spring is certainly the time to light up the grill. I made these vegetable kabobs last weekend when my friends and I grilled out in the neighborhood. We had quite the smorgasbord with bacon burgers, chicken wings, grilled corn, and asparagus. It was just a taste for all of the good cookouts to be held in the summer.

3) Street Festivals 


Now that the weather is warming up, and if you’re in the south the weather is firing up, street side festivals are popping up just about every weekend. Last weekend I enjoyed some salted caramel gelato at Athens Food Cart Festival.

4) Birds and Bees 


I may be a little strange, but I think this beetle is beautiful. Spring is full of many insects and not all are pesky. Although there was giant grasshopper loose in my room the other night that we a little unsettling.

5) Beach Time


Its only the first week in April and I’ve already been to the beach five times. In the past month, I’ve ventured to Isle of Palms, Debidue, and Tybee. Guess its a blessing to live so close to the coast and the fact that almost everyday this spring has been in the 70s.


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