DIY Dandelion Headband


Ever made a dandelion crown and watched it wither away days later? I always hate their timely demise. Then I thought, why not make one that will stick around for longer that a day.


Gather up

– About 2 yards of green leather string

– 1 package of yellow-gold need point string

– A spare fork

– Scissors

– A hot glue gun (not completely necessary)

1) Start by cutting three strips of the leather string. I measured the strands around my head to make sure they were long enough.

2) I then braided the three leather strips. I started by knotting the strings together at the top. Make sure to keep it tight when braiding. When I finished braiding, I knotted it at the other end and then tied both ends together. The leather material is easy to work with.


3) To make the “dandelions” start by wrapping the yellow string around a fork. Make sure that you leave a bit of length at the end; this will make securing the “dandelions” much easier. Wrap it around about 15 or 20 times.

4) Snip off the string, leaving a little more length on this side too. Loop that long piece of string around the inner groove of the fork. Tie the string together down the middle before you remove it from the fork. After you do this, carefully slip it off the fork. Make sure the knot is really tight before sniping the loops. After you cut the loops, fluff the new “dandelion” out a bit.

5) To secure the “dandelions” to the headband, take that extra length of yellow string and twist it into the braided leather. Tie the “dandelion” securely to the leather.

6) Place the “dandelions” evenly around the headband, but make sure not to put them anywhere they would rest in the center of your forehead. That might look awkward.

7) Finally, I used a hot glue gun to secure the “dandelions” on there.


Enjoy your new dandelion crown, perfect to sport at a picnic, day on the beach, or frolicking in a field. How blissful.


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