My Cyber ABCs

A –

A Beautiful Mess is my absolute favorite blog. The writer is Elise Larson who is a designer based out of Springfield, MO where she owns her vintage shop Red Velvet. Her blog is filled with her fashion pieces, photography tips, craft projects, and sweet treats. Take a look it won’t let you down.

B –

One of my favorite fashion labels. I’ve never been disappointed in a BBDakota piece of clothing. My favorite jacket, skirt, and dress are all BBDakota.

C –

Another blog I peruse from time to time.  The write is Emily who lives in L.A. The blog is a bit on the glamorous side featuring fashion, make-up how to’s, and cooking. It’s a very well done blog that I aspire to one day be.

D –

Its back! Dirpy is a YouTube to mp3 converter that I’ve been using since high school. Although it’s not exactly musically ethical, it’s a quick way to grab a new song. It went away for a few months, but I checked for its return occasionally and was pleasantly surprised one February morning to see it back and better than ever.

E –

Boring I know, but I got to it virtually everyday for homework and messages from professors. Fellow UGA students know elc well. Go Dawgs!


Guilty as charged. I really do hate Facebook. I go on it and find myself looking at pictures of a girl I went to grade school with who is now married. Although I find things like this fascinating, its such a terrible waste of time. I deleted my Facebook last May for a solid two months and it was such a peaceful escape. I’m thinking of going on another Facebook vacation soon.

G –

What would we do without Google? I distinctly remember the first time I used Google. It was third grade in computer lab. Didn’t realize then that it would be one of my longest relationships to this day. I’m pretty sure the world would stop if we could not longer ask Google “How old was Jimi Hendrix when he died?”.


I’m what you could call a sitcom junkie. I have a guilty pleasure for sitcoms. I don’t quite know if this qualifies as a character flaw or an asset. My favorites are Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother and Two Broke Girls.. I find it much more enjoyable to watch them on my laptop curled up in bed, which leads me to on a weekly basis.

I –

Guess I don’t go to many websites that start with I. This site has some great internship opportunities if you want to take a look.

J –

I make sure to check out Jonkmusic everyday. Its an indie music blog based out of Madison, WI. Each year they do a count down of the top 100 songs of the year. Each post is so well written, especially for writing about music, which is particularly challenging. Their motto, “A song a day from around the web”.

K –

About half a dozen of my good friends have done this internship program in Panama. I toyed around with the idea of spending my upcoming summer there, but it just didn’t work out. They had some great adventures there that I am truly envious of. Interested in Central America? Check it out.


Lulus is my favorite online boutique. I get something from their every season. The prices are great and some things are truly unique. Venture forth.

M –

Who isn’t an avid Netflix viewer? In the past few years, I’ve gone through a good number of great TV Shows including WeedsParks and Recreation, and Mad Men. Right now I’m enjoying 30Rock.


As I sit here writing this post, I am listening to The Alabama Shakes new release Boys and Girl off of the NPR music website. It’s a great way to get the first listens, even before they are on Spotify or Grooveshark and without the obnoxious advertisements.

O –

I’ve got to check on my bank account about every other day. What I would do without online banking I don’t know.

P –

A few months ago, I found out that my friend Andy from class was a magazine major. Having always been obsessed with magazines, I hounded him with questions.  I asked, “If you could work for ANY magazine, which one would you pick?” He told me Paste Magazine, which I had not yet heard of. Since then, I visit Paste Magazine at least once a day. Paste has great reviews on music, tv, movies, and even craft beers. In the words of Tom Haverford, “treat yoself”.

Q –

When you want to kill some time online and need a break from social media head over to Where else will you find out “What chocolate dessert are you?” or “ What dragon lies within you?”

R –

Its registration time again so I’ve been stalking rate my professor. I depend on it to tell me who to take and who not to take. I once ignore the warnings on, but I will never again make that mistake.

S –

This is my friend Shelby’s music blog. She has an extensive and versatile taste in music so there is something for everyone on Sound Centric. She is currently a Sony Music college rep working her way up in the music business.

T –

Twitter is my favorite social media site by far. It’s not too over stimulating like Facebook. Twitter is direct and to the point with its 180 character limit. My favorite people to follow are @bettyfckinwhite @alexa_chung @azizansari @willy_wonka @YesImWaspy. Follow me @thebrendawg.

U –

If you really look in my closet, you’ll know that about 50% of it is from urban. It’s the staple to my wardrobe. One tip, I never buy anything from urban full priced. I go straight to the sale every time as to not be tempted.

V –

Entertaining site if you want to do a bit of reading. Writers will post short stories, comics, and reviews. Give yourself an intellectual stimulant instead of scrolling through and seeing that so-in-so likes this photo.

W –

It pretty much the same idea as Pinterest, but everything has a link to where you can buy it. More so geared toward the shopper, not the crafter.

X –

Y –

I’m well aware that I am one of the last 20 people who uses yahoo. I plan on making the inevitable switch to Gmail one day. Not today, but sometime soon.

Z –

This is a great site to get cheap glasses. The last pair that I bought was $10. And I mean $10 total, including the lenses, a steal in the eyeglass world.

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