Spontaneous Gift to Myself


As I seem to do later and later each semester, I had once again put off buying my books until the beginning of February just in time for my first exams. Usually spending twenty dollars on a book is a far-fetched idea, but what’s that compared to 200 on books on poly sci? So led to the purchase of the Valentine’s Day gift to myself, The Indie Rock Poster Book.

The Indie Rock Poster Book is a collection of 30 posters by various authors interpreting songs by bands like Fleet Foxes, The Postal Service, Stars, Arctic Monkeys, and The National. A company called Yellow Bird Project (YBD) published The Indie Rock Poster Book and all of its proceeds go to charity.

It finally arrived February 13th, after several more trips to check my mailbox the past week. It was a BEAUTY! Colors more vivid than the picture gave it credit. I unloaded it from its cardboard crate and was immediately shocked by its weight, such a great quality. It took me a good 20 minutes to go through the book. Each poster was so imaginative. Here are some of my favorites that I’ll be framing soon.

My favorite! Chris Gray’s interpretation of  Tonight, by Lykke Li.


Frank Chimero’s take on The National’s So Far Around the Bend.


This one is Dancing Choose by TV on the Radio. Illustration by Julia Rothman.


Familiar to anyone? This one looks alot like Reptar’s last album artwork. But its not, its Bright Eyes’ We Are Nowhere and It’s Now. The artist is Eve Duhamel.


Last but not least. The one with the most interesting design (it looks as if the original was a print) Jeffrey Bowman’s poster depicting Ghost Under Rocks by Ra Ra Riot.


You can buy it here!


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