Wine Cork Back Splash

Spruce up you dull kitchen by designing a new back splash for your stove. On mine I used wine corks and made a collage.

Picture 25

1) Start by carefully measuring out your space with a tape measurer.

2) Transfer the measurements to a firm surface. I used an old card board box! It was perfect because its firm enough to support, but I also have the freedom to cut it into a specific shape.

3) For my design, I cut wine corks both vertically and horizontally. I found this easiest to use a sharp knife and a cutting board. Be careful and be patient with this process, it goes slowly.

4) After cutting my pieces, I assembled them into my design on my pre-measured support.

5) I secured all the pieces with a hot glue gun.

6) When finished slip into area above stove. Feel free to use Scotch tabs to more carefully secure the new back splash.


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